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Securing Property By getting Hold Of a Home Inspection Report

One of the first and foremost steps that one should necessarily take is the home inspection procedure before one puts their house in the market. It is one of the critical steps towards the home buying procedure. After the inspection is done, the homeowner is handed with a home inspection report. A home inspector is well- trained to identify the deficiencies and defects that are present in the home. Also, they caution the homeowners about the accidental hazards.

One cannot really determine if their house is completely safe, even though the safety inspection is done. That is the reason why the homeowner needs to hire a reliable home inspector. Before hiring any home inspector, one must ensure that the electrical inspector has sufficient knowledge about the variety of devices that are used in a particular household.

One needs to hire a licensed inspector so that they can provide the homeowner with reports of the inspection. The report must carry detailed information on the entire property and must be delivered within a week of inspection. Few inspectors provide the reports within 24 hours even. The report needs to properly identify the systems and components of the property that are observed by the inspector. Many inspectors include photos along with a short description. The reports can show up to 50 pages of information.

Home Inspection Report

Things that are covered in a home inspection report:

  • Information about the structural components that includes framing and foundation of the house
  • Exterior features like soffit, siding, porches, walkways, balconies, driveways and railings
  • Roofing systems like shingles, skylights, and flashing
  • Electrical systems like service panels, fuses, and breakers
  • Plumbing systems like drains, pipes, sump pumps and water heating equipment
  • Heating systems like venting
  • Cooling systems like distribution equipment and energy sources
  • Interior features like the ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, railings and staircases.
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Fireplaces like vents and chimneys

ARC Home Inspections is one of the best inspection service providers in Stayner, ON which even provides pre- inspection report to their clients. The entire property is well- inspected by the inspectors so that proper safety is ensured.


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